Webcor/AltoVelo Elite Men's Cycling Team

Webcor/AltoVelo Elite Men's Cycling Team

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 Team training camp a success

To kick off the new season of road racing, the 2009 Webcor/AltoVelo Men's team held their annual training camp last weekend in Los Osos, CA. We packed 21 guys into a huge house right on the bay:

Spanning 4 days, the camp consisted of some of those long rainy rides that ensure team bonding, but we also got some nice sunny days in--everyone's fitness appears to be coming along well.

We had an interesting run-in with some locals way out in the middle of nowhere who were dragging a fallen tree off of the road. The following exchange took place (note: this is an unedited, verbatim transcript):

Rand: "Hi, how are you? Do you mind stopping [dragging the tree] while we sneak past?"

Crazy Man: "Yeah. Sure. But while you're here, let me tell you something." [Redneck begins slowly stepping towards me menacingly] "You bike riders are so stupid out here. I've put more bicyclists in the hospital than you've got fingers!"

Rand: "Uh...ok."

Crazy Man: "You aint gonna like it when we KILL you." [Keep in mind these guys have chainsaws].

Rand: "Nope...uh...you're right."

Crazy Man: "Let me tell you...you guys are so stupid, you got a DEGREE in STUPID!"

Rand: "Yes sir...now I am gonna go."

Somehow we avoided dismemberment, but it was quite a surreal experience. The rest of the rides were relatively uneventful and fun.

Most importantly, everyone had a great time and got to know one-another better. The team is always a very serious bunch (as you can see clearly in these photos):

Keith Williams of Williams Wheels drove his truck as a support vehicle, and we kept him busy with flats and other mechanicals. Special thanks to him!

Looking forward to an exciting season with a talented group of riders...we will update the blog weekly throughout the remainder of the season, so stay tuned!